The Colorful Flowers of Disneyland

I have a major flower obsession, and my favorite place in the world is Disneyland.
I love Disney's attention to detail, and the flower choices throughout the parks are no exception! 
I find it so fascinating that the flowers change depending on where you are in the parks. 
I would love the job where I get to choose what flowers go where to coordinate with the different theming?  That would be a dream... (Nerd alert!)

Here's a fun fact for you; did you know that Walt Disney's budget was nearly spent building Disneyland before they had a chance to plant decent flowers? His solution was to label all the weeds that were growing there already (in Latin) so people would think they meant to plant them! I thought that was awesome and hilarious. Obviously they've come a long way since their weed days. 

No filters on any photos below. They really are this vibrant!  I love all the colors in nature!
 ^^^ This Lisianthus was to die for!

^^^I loved these bright flowers found in A Bug's Land at California Adventure.  All the flowers there attract bees and butterflies; imagine that!

^^^ I loved this cute tree.

^^^How sweet are these roses?  They're on my list of what to plant next spring!  I love them!

 ^^^ I would have overlooked these tiny blue blooms had I not been taking pictures of every flower I saw! ;) 

The next time you're at Disneyland you will have to pay attention to all the many flowers! 
That was one of my favorite parts of the trip!

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