My little creative space

This is my little creative space.  I love having a room all to myself and my messes.  I have learned that I am most definitely an introvert.  Having a space to come and be alone and relax creating art is probably the greatest thing ever.  I love it so much!  It's always messy, but I wanted to show you what it looks like mess and all!
 I have two desks and a table.  One desk is for my computer, one is for my art and creating, and then the table I try to keep pretty clear for shooting photographs right next to the window.  I am getting better at trying to take pictures when it's bright outside rather than at night when I'm usually working.

I have my sister's old dresser to store the different projects I'm working on.  It's nice to have a place to keep them.  Before I had all sorts of random piles everywhere!  It was crazy!

I also bought this bookshelf at Ikea years ago.  I used to keep all of my shoes and books on it in my bedroom, but when I had no place to fit it except for my office space, I found a good use for it.  Now I will probably never use it anywhere else!  I store all my shipping supplies and random inventory and art supplies here.  It's the best ever!

It's a mess, but it's my mess and I love it!  What do your creative spaces look like?  I also have 2 Pinterest boards dedicated to my dream studios.  View them HERE and HERE.  One can dream, right? :)  For now, though, this space is pretty perfect for me!

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