My Favorite Drawing Supplies

Hello there!  Today I'm sharing my favorite drawing and sketching supplies. 

1.  Mechanical Pencils.  I am picky about how a writing utensil feels in my hand and I'm also particular about how good the eraser is.  With that said, I prefer the BIC #2 mechanical pencil with 0.7mm lead.  I love that they're easy to carry around in my purse because the lead can be pushed back into the pencil and doesn't leave pencil marks in my bag! 

2.  Eraser.  I love this Staedtler eraser.  When you're looking for erasers, make sure you feel them to see if they're soft.  If they feel a little bit hard or very smooth when you run your thumb across the top, they will most likely leave marks when you try to erase something.  We don't want that!  I like to stick to soft, white erasers.  They're usually a good bet!

3.  Paper.  I have so many different sketchbooks and papers it's not even funny.  I'm a sucker for blank paper.  My favorite sketchbooks are anything from Canson.  I love the quality of paper.  Here is my favorite spiral bound sketchbook.

4.  Pens.  I usually do pens for outlining, and I often use a pen if a pencil isn't available.  I love the fine tips on these Micron pens.

5.  Markers & Colored Pens.  These Staedtler colored pens are so much fun.  I love all the different colors they come in.  These are my favorite when I'm just doodling.  For more finished sketches I like to use my Prismacolor markers.  These are pricey, so make sure when you buy a set at Hobby Lobby or Michaels to use a coupon!  You can also buy them individually which would be great for a basic starter kit.  I also just buy the markers individually when one of my colors has run out and I need a replacement.

6.  Colored Pencils.  Prismacolor is my go-to for colored pencils.  They are amazing for blending and come in all sorts of good colors! (Can you tell I have a thing for color?)

Okay, I've shared my favorites.  What are your favorite basic drawing tools?

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