easy DIY watercolor valentines

I am so excited to share these super easy watercolor valentines with you! 
Supplies Needed:
Watercolor Paint.  (I used these Artist's Loft paints, but really any watercolors you have will do.)
2 paintbrushes.  (One smaller one for the masking fluid, and one larger one for the watercolor washes)
Watercolor Paper cut into 3x4 inch pieces
Start by painting your designs with the masking fluid onto the white watercolor paper.  The watercolor paper has to be dry for this to work.  Try things like hearts, x's and o's, and other short Valentines phrases.
Note:  As soon as you're finished painting with the masking fluid, wash out your paintbrush with some soap and cold water. 
(Don't use hot water, because it will melt the glue holding the bristles in place. :)  We don't want your paintbrush bristles to fall out!)

After the masking fluid is completely dry, paint some watercolor washes over the top.  The more water you use in your paint the better.  I love to let my paints bleed into each other. 
Next let your paint dry completely.

Once your paint is completely dry, grab an eraser and erase right over the top of the masking fluid. 
It should easily come right off! 

Voila! You're left with your designs in white with the watercolor washes over the top.  I love this look!
Enjoy your super cute handmade Valentines!

Let me know how your Valentines turn out!  I would love to see them.  Tag me on Instagram @erin_nielson and use the hashtag #erinArtLessons to see what other people have created! :)

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