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If you haven't jumped on the calligraphy train yet, I suggest you do so!  Pronto!  It's so fun, easy, and very relaxing! ..At least I think so....  ;)
Initially I got started at a calligraphy workshop with Melissa Esplin (link below), but then I've been watching videos on YouTube, reading the Modern Calligraphy book (link below), and I've just played around with different holders, nibs, inks, and paper.  Really, it's just trial and error until you find something you love.  The nibs and holders that I love may not be your favorite.  So get a bunch and just play!  It's so fun! (I can't say that enough!)

Here is a little infographic to show you what the very basic supplies are.  I've included links below!  Let me know if you have any questions!  I will continue to blog about this fun hobby, so stay tuned!

You can find calligraphy supplies at pretty much any craft or art supply store, I've included some links below so you know what you're looking for :)

My go-to places for calligraphy supplies are Michael's,  Provo Art & Frame and Paper & Ink Arts.

(look for acrylic-based or calligraphy inks. 
If your ink is too watery it will bleed!)
I love Windsor & Newton Ink the best so far.

Nib Holders:

Some of my favorites for beginners are:


Hopefully this helps!  Have fun!

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