3 beginner watercolor techniques to try

You do not have to be an expert painter in order to create beautiful artwork.  Here are my favorite beginner techniques to try!
1.  Wet on Wet
 Get the area you want to paint nice and wet using a clean brush and clean water
 Next, add watered down pigment (paint) allowing it to bleed into the water that's already on your paper.
While the paint and paper are still wet, add a second color and let the two colors blend together.
2.  Glazing
Glazing is layering with very watered down pigment creating a glaze to get that see-through look. 
 I painted three colors and let them dry completely.  (Allowing the paint to dry completely before glazing is KEY!)
 Next, I added my second color over the top of the first.

If you don't wait long enough for your first layer dry, it will bleed into the color you're trying to put over the top.  You can see on my example the red hue started to bleed because I didn't wait quite long enough.
3.  Gradient Wash
 Wet your paper just like in the first technique.  Add watered down paint to one side letting it blend into the water.
While the paint and paper are still wet, add a slightly darker paint and let it bleed into the first color you added.
 This technique is really great for creating an ombre look in your art!
As always, let me know if you have any questions!  If you post any pictures using this technique please tag me!  @erin_nielson and use the hashtag #ErinArtLessons to see what others have posted.  Happy painting!

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